So – where are we going to be?  It’s a bit up in the air but we will keep this page updated as our plans change.

For now, here is what we are thinking:

June to October, 2018: We will travel to our home in Turkey for a few months.  We are going to head to Dallas for Lauren and Justin’s wedding.  We will stop in London for a week or so to see our friends Karin, Phil and Robert.  Then we head to Amsterdam to hang out with Dick! If time allows, we are going to spend a few days in Paris in July too!

We expect to be in Turkey for about 90 days from mid July to Mid October.

October, 2018 to July, 2019:  This depends on how much fun we are having in the Sea of Cortez😀. We would like to be in Puerto Vallarta for the 2019 Hurricane season.

Beyond…: Panama Canal and into the Caribbean or we head west to the South Pacific

Where are we now?