We’re Baaacckkk!

A blog is nothing more than a vanity project. I know, I know – some of us might say it’s a way to inform, educate and entertain, but at the heart of it, it’s a way for the author to broadcast personal and/or narcissistic thoughts or ideas. 🙂

When I started this blog, I always envisioned it would be singularly focused re: living on a boat/sailing our boat, but I realized that as time has passed, it took on more meaning and intention; I wanted it to reflect our lives and everyday activities, as well as act as part diary, part notification for family.

It is with this spirit that I get back in the saddle and start to write again. It’s been a long time since we posted anything – maybe you’ve been following along on Instagram (living_on_a_boat) – but if you haven’t, then let me explain what we’ve been up to. 

As some of you may remember, our last post was from Turkey, where we were spending 3 months escaping hurricane season in Mexico. Our visa allowed us to be in the country for 90 days, and we left by ferry on Day 89. As the Turkish immigration guy reminded me: “You cannot come back!!”

Since leaving Lodos in June, we traveled from San Carlos, Mexico to Dallas then to: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Datca (Turkey), Kos, Symi, Rhodes, Santorini, Naxos, Athens, then back to the States for 2 months with a trip to Canada, the Copper Canyon and Russia somewhere in between. We recently landed back in Mexico where we have been getting Lodos ready to sail again. And, now, I write this on a plane to the Dominican Republic where I’ll be working for a week. 

Lodos is back in the water in San Carlos, Mexico

In each place we traveled this year, we tried to act as if we lived there: not as tourists, but as residents. Yes, we did some touristy things, but mostly, we did very little or we focused on the mundane and pedestrian aspects of everyday life (e.g. taking a walk, sitting in a park, riding a bus, eating like locals, going to a laundromat, grocery shopping, binge watching 7 seasons of The Good Wife….). We love traveling like this as we get to see the world in a more personal and vulnerable way. 

When we left Mexico in June 2018, we bought two wheeled suitcases at Walmart for ~$11 each. Somewhere in Paris, the blue one lost its wheels, and we drug it unwillingly the rest of the way to Turkey where it died a quick death; however, the red one is going strong, and I’m still using it. 

Truth be told, I quite hate this suitcase. I have been living out of it for 6 months. Aside from a small shopping spree at Kate Spade and Nordstrom in order to have something to wear for work trips, I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 5+ months (although some of them I did have to throw away because I have literally worn them out). 

Big Red – on its last legs

For me, the glamour of traveling and living out of an $11 red rolling Walmart suitcase (Big Red) got old around month 3 1/2. But, we are lucky to have good friends and family who have put us up and let us stay at their glorious homes resplendant with real beds, soft linens, endless hot water, steady electricity and wifi. We tried to follow the rule that visitors are like fish: both start to stink after 3+ days, but I’m sure we overstayed our welcome many many times, and for that, we’d like to especially thank: 

Karin – who’s flat in London was the perfect resting and jumping off point for our adventures

Dick – proving that a 30 year friendship is just as fresh and fun today as it was back then

Mar & Shar – letting us takeover half your houses (in two states!), multiple times, demonstrating that only family can tolerate you as a long term guest

Dilan & Sam – getting to meet Asa was a top highlight of our year, and we can’t wait to watch that gorgeous little baby grow up

Adam & Aleta – for being such great sports by hosting us so soon after that very long and adventurous trip to Sinaloa cartel country in Mexico (we’ll remember it always, I’m sure!)

John, Elizabeth, Leo & Lucca – it was a special treat spending time with your beautiful family and playing Catan with you!

Jeff & Cindy – our peaceful Christmas palette cleanser

Vince, Adrienne, Mia & Vincent – making us feel so welcome, at home and ringing in the New Year together 

I look forward to getting back to a regular schedule that chronicles the joys, triumphs, and frustrations of living this nomadic life, and in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you!

Jodi & Kirby 

2 thoughts on “We’re Baaacckkk!

  1. Patricia A Calvin

    Hey J & K & Angel Jasper…Vikki here. Did Pat tell u we sold Simma Down and bought a 31′ Pearson,wheel,wing keel ? Still in Suttons Bay,living on her in 3 week intervals during the summer. Khloe doing well, turning 10 this yr. We get the comments re living out of a suitcase gets old quickly as well as missing the niceties of running hot water,fenced yard for the dog, going to pee and flushing instead of pumping,etc. Ice climbing season, on the road for 4-6 wks puts us recognizing each other cuz we wore the same gear for the last 4 wks. Sounds like all is going well for u guys and u r staying busy. Ever gonna get bk to the Great Lakes?

  2. Sharon and Marlin Stahlnecker

    Loved reading this and look forward to many, many more posts!! We loved this year as we have been hosts in Oregon and Arizona. Also we’ve enjoyed being guests in Turkey. Loved that we’ve gotten to spend soooo much time together so far this year AND look forward to more!! Love you both!!

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