I sat next to a young man on the flight going to Mexico City recently. He was in La Paz for a week learning how to be a kayak guide and spent a week paddling around Espirito Santo Island (not far from La Paz and a national park/nature preserve). He was from Canada and had never been outside of the US/Canada before – his first trip. He was so excited and enthusiastic about everything; it was fun to hear about his Mexican adventure from a new perspective.

This reminds me, while also fresh in my mind, to capture what is new (or new again), exciting, and interesting in this nomadic life we’re living. So, here are some random thoughts about what I still find fascinating – or maybe even banal – and joyful about travel.

IMG_2470 2
Sunset at Marina de La Paz

I keep seeing great blue herons – I like the idea that they might be my “spirit animal” because their appearance is so apropos to what we’re experiencing in these days: seeking innate wisdom, self reliance, personal exploration and adaptability. Also, they are supposed to signify peace – how perfectly appropriate in a place named La Paz (peace)! https://www.spirit-animals.com/heron/

A dark sky is wholly under-rated

Dolphins in the pacific are much more social and friendly than dolphins in the Sea of Cortez – but both make me happy

I love the sound of shrimp under the boat at night when we go to bed – have you ever heard them? It’s the most amazing thing! The sound they make is produced from the air snapping rapidly between their wee claws

Work is so much better when you can do it remotely and on your own terms

I missed reading novels in the past 5 years (too many business books and too much work); I just started on my 6th one this year

The sail from San Diego to Cabo was so hard, but I miss the open ocean

The people of Mexico have to be some of the kindest in the world

Work on the boat is never (ever) done

I haven’t found Churros since leaving Ensenada 🙁

My irrational fear of hitting a whale isn’t so irrational

Getting ready for hurricane season seems to occupy an inordinate amount of energy and space in my brain – as one guy recently put it, “It’s so daunting a task with so much to fear that I might just go back to San Diego!”

I’m going to be a great aunt (!!!)

I enjoy planning travel almost as much as living it

Onions and potatoes will last for months unrefrigerated as long as they have air and don’t sit next to each other

A strong wifi signal is a something I used to take for granted

Peeling a ripe mango is so much harder than it looks

Life seems infinitely simpler when you limit your wardrobe to a few pair of shorts and a couple of T-shirt’s to choose from everyday

I never tire of: the sun, sunsets, guacamole, dolphins, or tacos

IMG_2471 2
Tacos with soyrizo, onion, garlic & avos – yum!

Wherever you go, there you are – you cannot escape the things that make you unhappy, but it’s easier to be happier when you choose less


  1. rkortman

    I absolutely LOVE this post! This ‘stream of thought’ list is so beautiful and I resonate with much of it! Some of those so very true for me or known to me that I laughed out loud…in the co-working space I’m in today!! I am so glad you are on this beautiful journey and enjoying “my country”. Hugs!

    1. jodikwatson

      We really are loving it here – we thought we would sail south after hurricane season but we have barely scratched the surface in the sea of cortez, so we will be back again next season!

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