by Jodi

There is an expression of time that I love: The days are slow, but the years are fast.

Looking back at the last month it’s easy to see how the days of this new lifestyle just pass – memorable or not – it’s been a little over 6 months since I was at my last corporate job. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about it, yet there isn’t a day that goes by that I have any regrets.

Ensenada from the air

So much has happened in these months that have changed the course of our path and future; it’s reassuring and unsettling at the same time to know that if things are great, we mustn’t hold our breath for them to stay great – life is too fleeting for that. But, and probably more importantly to me, if things are bad (really bad), that too will pass. You just have to wait it out another day….or week…or month.

Today, I’m flying from our new home in Mexico aboard our sailboat Lodos to Las Vegas for a work gig. It feels strange to be among the holiday revelers who are looking sad at the prospect of having to go home/back to reality, when I know I’m going to be back in a few short days. It makes me look at a holiday destination airport differently.

It took us about 2 weeks of sailing to get to the end of the Baja peninsula, leaving San Diego at 4am on Sunday, March 4th. Sailing at night is not for the faint hearted, and dealing with the challenges and problems we had on our boat added to the anxiety and questioning of whether I was cut out to do this or not. Although we don’t have kids, I joked with Kirby that long term passage-making must be a little like childbirth. While you’re going through it, you swear you will never do it again – too hard, too painful, too scary, too exhausting. But then, once past it, you sort of forget all of that and think wistfully enough about it to consider it again – maybe even look forward to it and consider what might be different.

Turtle Bay from the air

It is with these thoughts that I’m sitting on the ocean side of the plane, looking out my small window at the clear blue sky and deep blue water watching the places we stopped or sailed past in the month of March with fondness and gratefulness. Seeing a place from a plane window is so very different than seeing it from the swells of the ocean. The plane took off over the marina we are staying (Puerto Los Cabos, where we had to sail in with an emergency tiller), past Santa Magdalena (where we had no engine and had to sail into a rough anchorage at sunset), past Cedrus Island, where we would have stopped had it not been nightfall, past Turtle Bay (where we had such fun and restful days after arriving in the dead of night not sure if our eyes were playing tricks on us), past the lovely town of Ensenada (where we barreled in topping speeds of 12 knots), and finally over Shelter Island in San Diego, where it all started.

How odd and yet inspiring that in the space of 2 hours in reverse, I can encapsulate memories and motivations of the past 2 years. It sort of feels like time travel.

Life takes us on paths we don’t expect but maybe only dare to dream. Few of us answer the call for adventure, but all of us recognize it when it’s over or has passed. I hope that I have the courage to keep moving forward and never lose sight that life is precious and short and worth pursuing with a passion.

Which will you regret more? The things you DID or DIDN’T do….? That is what drives me forward.


  1. Peter Ceccarelli

    Great article. I see a new travel/inspirational writing career for you. You never cease to amaze me lately. Just wow to you and Kirby.

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