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Ok – I think we went a bit overboard (sorry – I couldn’t resist) with our life raft and ditch kit. I would love to get your feedback on it!

For the life raft we went with the Viking RescuYou Pro Offshore raft.  We got a 6 person life as we will most likely have crew with us when we are doing serious passages.  The Life raft comes with a bunch of stuff built into the kit.  We have supplemented it with a whole host of stuff (outlined below) to meet our desired level of safety and comfort.

This is something you never want to use, but if you are forced to by Neptune, you will be happy you have it.

Many of the items in our kit have come from different places as well.  Jodi ordered a great survival kit (see below) that contains many of the items.  These are a great way to go!  Check out the contents of the kit we purchased below.  We have also included links to the items and notes about why we chose each.






The emergency equipment we list below is something we hope never to use, but it provides a great level of comfort knowing it is there is we need it.

Grab Bag Book by Frances and Michael HolworthAmazonGreat book outlining how to build out your ditch kit.
The Seventy2Uncharted SupplyThis is a fantastic kit of tools and supplies. Designed for one person for 72 hours. Highly recommend it. Modern emergency survival bag, specially designed for the 21st century, including a solar powered/hand crank smartphone charger - Over 35 survival tools expertly curated and organized with easy-to-understand instructions - Waterproof and airtight construction protects internal components and allows bag to act as a floatation device - Tough polyurethane insert panels can double as snowshoes or a sling - Antibacterial Wipes - Air Filtration Mask - Chem Lights - Collapsible Water Pouch - Convertible Shovel/Pick-axe - Datrex Food Bars - Duct Tape - First Aid Kit - Flashlight - Gloves - Goggles - Heat Packs - Insert - Purpose built, ripstop nylon interior insert protects, organizes and clearly identifies the contents of the Seventy2 - Strike Anywhere Matches and Waterproof Container - Magnesium Alloy Fire Starter - Multitool - Mylar Thermal Space Blanket - Mylar Thermal Survival Tent - Nalgene Water Bottle - Paracord - Radio/flashlight/smartphone charger - Sawyer MINI Water Filter - Sunscreen - Survival Knife - Uncharted Beanie - Water Syringe
Viking RescYou 6 person offshore life raft with hard caseAmazonSOLAS parachute rocket signals - 2
SOLAS hand flares - 3
SOLAS flashlight - 1
Extra batteries and bulb - 1
Whistle - 1
SOLAS/USCG signaling mirror -1
SOLAS/USCG drinking water - 3
SOLAS first aid kit - 1
Anti-seasickness tablets - 36
Bailer - 1
Sponges - 2
Survival instructions - 1
Table of life-saving signals - 1
Seasickness bags - 6
SOLAS/USCG thermal survival bag - 0
Emergency ration (kg) - 0
Bellows/pump - 1
Leak stopper - 3
Sunscreen - 0
Drinking cup - 1
Safety tin opener - 1
SOLAS fishing kit - 1
Extra sea anchor and line - 0
Scissors - 1
SOLAS/USCG smoke signal - 0
Repair kit - 1
Instructions for use - 1
Sea anchor with line - 1
Buoyant safety knife - 1
Paddles (pcs) - 2
Rescue quoit with line -1
Water bags (set) - 1
Radar reflector -
Flares and Flare GunAmazonOld school flare gun - there are other kinds of signaling devices in the other kits, but having backups is a good thing!
406 EPIRBAmazonWe keep this on the bulkhead next to the companion way. We will grab it on the way out.
Personal 406 EPIRBAmazonWe have these on each of our life jackets. In case one of us goes over and for backups in case the boats EPIRB is forgotten or broken.
Ocean Signal MOB1AmazonThese connect to our ships AIS in case someone goes overboard. We each have one attached to our lifejackets.
Solar ChargerAmazonThis is a great unit. Store it charged and it can recharge most things pretty quick.
Handheld VHFAmazonWe love this one because it floats and has a GPS receiver. Backups are always good!
Backup GPSAmazonThis guy works as a generic reciever. It uses bluetooth to connect to phones and tablets. Works like a champ with Navionics too.
LifejacketsAmazonOf course, you will be wearing a lifejacket. These are the ones we have. Love them for comfort and versatility. I carry an extra leatherman on mine.
Fresh Water - Jerry CansAmazonWe have a couple of these. We have them mounted next to the life raft and they will get deployed at the same time as the raft. They get cleaned and refilled before each passage.
LeathermanAmazonLove the leatherman for their versatility. Extra knife, can opener, you name it. Be careful with the sharp bits! Also consider a blunt edge knife (diving knives are good for this purpose).
Backup KnifeAmazonHaving a good blunt nose knife is a good thing. This dive knife also has a 'hammer' built into the handle and a sturdy sheath.
Important Documents in a document pouchAmazonWe keep copies of our immunization records, passports, prescriptions, cash spare glasses, vessel documentaion, etc. in a fire proof pouch in our safe. In an emergency, we grab the document pouch.

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