Cooking on a boat

A few of our favorites!

by Jodi

Little did I know just how much my experience aboard the Sea Shepherd would inform just about everything I do on Lodos on a daily basis, and the most valuable skill I learned was full time cooking on a ship. On Sea Shepherd, I was the cook/chef for 12-18 hungry workers, 3 meals/day; our ships are all vegan, out of respect for the very wildlife we are trying to protect.

Other than the environmental and health benefits of an all plant-based diet, it’s easier on the ships’ systems, including refrigeration and waste. While underway, Kirby and I eat vegan/all plant based. It’s been really fun and healthful. With a small exception (I recently found some fresh brown eggs in Turtle Bay that I couldn’t resist), we have been eating this way for a couple of weeks now. When we get off the ship or grab food on land, I still pretty much eat vegan, but this is Kirby’s chance to grab a taco or other local meat-inspired specialty.

Coconut curry with kale – yum!

While underway, we haven’t been eating a lot – you just don’t get that hungry while being out at sea for days on end – but we do try to cook some things in advance that can be eaten cold or heated quickly. And, the simpler, the better – if it can be made in 1 pot, even better!

For inspiration, I love the following cookbooks: Minimalist Baker, Thug Kitchen,  Oh She Glows, The Boat Galley, and the official Sea Shepherd cookbook. I also bought a small 10 1/2 inch Lodge Cast Iron skillet that we use almost everyday. Not only is it durable and tough on a boat, it also gives us some extra iron in our food. Another must have item for the boat are silpats or silicone baking sheets. They are flat, easy to store and provide a great non-skid padding for things I’m storing in the oven while underway.

Here’s a list of some of our menu items so far:

  • Coconut curry sweet potato & kale over rice
  • Wild mushroom risotto with cashew parmesan cheese
  • Potato salad w/ red onions & relish
  • Spicy Black beans over rice
  • Quesadillas with spicy veggies & 2 types of soy cheese
  • Tostado salad with hummus, tomatoes, kale & cilantro
  • Pain perdu – a version of french toast
  • Sandwiches – ranging from PB&J/AB&J to deli/veggie sandwiches
  • Hummus & veggies








3 thoughts on “Cooking on a boat

  1. rkortman

    I seriously want your recipes for Coconut curry, Tostado salad and Mushroom risotto with cashew parm cheese! Oh, Jodi! You have my mouth watering!

    Also, Paul and I never know about you being on the Sea Shepherd! SO cool! I can’t wait to tell the kids when we get home (we are in a co-working space today). They will be totally stoked!

    Loving hearing about your experiences! Stay safe and have fun!

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