San Diego to Ensenada

We had a fantastic sail from San Diego to Ensenada yesterday!  Our friend Andrew came along for the ride and we certainly appreciated the extra set of hands!

We left San Diego at about 5 AM and arrived in Ensenada at about 230.  We had a 25 mph wind coming into the marina (Cruiseport Ensenada) so that was a little exciting.  Plans A and B didn’t work out so we went to another slip and got in just fine.

Jodi at the Immigration office in Ensenada

We got a little help from the marina with the Mexican check in procedures.  Jodi was very excited about using our new LODOS stamp on the official documents.

Our next stop is Bahia Tortuga (Turtle Bay) on the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula.  Navionics says it will take us about 31 hours, but I think we can beat that:).  We expect to leave Ensenada at around 6 am on 3/7/18.



5 thoughts on “San Diego to Ensenada

  1. Signa Atherton

    This is so exciting to follow. Congratulations on getting the journey started. Early Birthday wishes for you Kirby!

  2. Shannon Parker

    I love that you two are actually the “doers” not just the dreamers like most of us. Ensenada is lovely; just like you! Cheers to your very cool journey❤️

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