60 Days to launch…

We have decided to leave on February 14.  Assuming good weather:)

February 14 is the day Jodi and I officially started 27 years ago, so this date seems like a good one.

Here is the list of projects as of today.  Thanks to the crews at Pacific Offshore Rigging, Smart Marine Services and The Yacht Docktor for all your hard work.


Main rigging POR Dec Fritz coming this week
Main sail POR Jan End of December
New lines POR Jan End of December
Rig preventer POR Jan End of December
Review all deck hardware for rig POR/KW Jan Before all rigging is completed
Trial sail run POR Jan Go out with Fritz/team
New engine room lights NIC Nov Done?
Refrigeration & freezer seals in doors, gaskets, trim NIC Dec Week of 11/26
A/C install NIC Dec Week of 11/26
Install carbon filter to black water NIC Dec Week of 11/26
Ensure bilge pump float switches working properly NIC Dec Week of 12/6
Secure propane central panel in galley NIC Dec Week of 12/6
110 plug/switch for scuba compressor NIC Dec Week of 12/6
110 plug/switch for compressor in engine room NIC Dec Week of 12/6
Generator spares/service NIC Dec Week of 12/6
Install 110/USB plug  in cockpit NIC Dec Week of 12/6
Mount/install fuel polisher NIC Dec Week of 12/6
Test/polish fuel NIC Dec Week of 12/6
New deck/running/anchor lights NIC Dec Week of 12/6
Rework battery power selection switch – broken? NIC Dec Week of 12/17
Tank monitors calibration/connect NIC Dec Week of 12/17
Wind generator NIC Dec Week of 12/17
Install solar panel rack feet NIC Jan Week of 12/31
Install bimini struts for solar panels NIC Jan Week of 12/31
Refrigeration fix MOR Dec Doors must be complete to test

Fixed but waiting on doors to be fixed to test

SSB Radio SHA Dec Start install week of 15th.  KW to call Shae on the 13th
VHF Install SHA Dec Radio and remote installed.  Need to connect wire in master cabin closet.  Shae will do during ssb install.
New window install RAN Dec Randy to call KW when windows are ready.  After 12/15
New cockpit flooring RAN Jan Tbd – may hold until later…
Diesel service review & parts PAC Dec Finish service, incl spare parts

Final install and test on 12/19 & 12/20

Schedule meeting w/ Kris/Ayko JW Dec Potential for 12/5
Schedule/pay for captains license JW Dec Week of 11/26
Rent AirBNB JW Dec Move in 11/30-12/22
Scuba refits for Cayman Islands JW Dec Week of 11/26
Review shirt purchases JW/KW Dec
Continue consulting & board interviews JW Dec GLG, 3rd Bridge, etc.
Explore work/volunteer options JW/KW Dec Workaway, Research projects, Sea Shepherd, boat sitters, innkeepers, Tadzio
Consolidate storage units: eliminate Rocket ASAP, repack all JW/KW Dec Organize into: donate, sell, keep in storage, ship or move to boat
Move CBC storage stuff JW/KW Dec Inform CBC
Remove personal stuff from 7CB JW/KW Dec Organize remaining equipment
Triangulate readiness list JW/KW Dec Review against others lists
Clean out & organize stern lockers JW/KW Dec Prep, clean, organize
Scuba equipment review – boat JW/KW Dec Buy tanks, find storage, update computers, pair with BCs
Build hooks/labels for lockers KW Dec To hang lines, fenders, equip
Paint/seal anchor locker JW/KW Dec
Install Wirie Pro KW Dec
Create safe space for counter appliances/hold in place KW Dec Coffee maker, etc.
Find secure place for sewing mach KW Dec Nico room?
Reattach lim buss in cockpit KW Dec
Store drogue /review procedure JW/KW Dec After lockers are organized
Mount liferaft JW/KW Dec Or move onto boat off of dock
Quote for new flooring in cockpit KW Dec Schedule complete early Jan
Test all actisense engine monitoring options KW Dec
Connect AIS on vests to MFDs KW Dec Need to buy new MFDs
Document water making process JW Dec Type/laminate/post under sink
Build passage plan 2/18* JW/KW Dec Review & build passage plan
Determine if we want to have crew JW/KW Dec www.findacrew.com, SSCS
Rush renewal of JW passport JW Jan ASAP after scuba trip
Complete sale of 7 Coldbrew KW Jan 12/31/17 turnover
Sell stuff online JW/KW Jan Bikes, tools, scooter?
Ship art to family JW/KW Jan
Build log for captains license JW/KW Jan Week of 12/31
Prep/identify place for safekeeping JW/KW Jan Week of 12/31
Change dinghy passage storage KW Jan Determine best place to store
Change address (WA, FL, TX?) JW/KW Jan Determine place of residence
Change insurance KW Jan Review for hurricane req
Research reliable marinas for hurricane season KW Jan Review pulling boat out/storing during hurricane season
Label all switches, pipes, lines KW Jan Need label maker tape
Complete taxes JW/KW Jan
Test, fix all cabinet doors KW Jan
Fix cabinet under stove KW Jan
Build shelf system in settee lockers JW Jan
Make labels/id storage key JW Jan Type/laminate/post
Restore unneeded shoes/clothes JW Jan
Create 1st closet for outerwear JW Jan
Inventory outerwear needs JW/KW Jan Purchase foul weather gear
Last clean/organize/sweep of engine room and Nico room KW/NIC Jan Organize spare parts, put into crates, label, clean/mop
Build supply list to purchase JW/KW Jan Provisions, spare parts, materials, etc.
Build menu plan for passages JW Jan For overnight passages
Prep Jasper/health certificates JW Jan
Clean all floors/carpets JW Jan
Cancel services, memberships JW Jan SGYC, NYT, utilities, etc.
Create letter/blog to F&F JW Jan
Buy charts & navigation tools JW/KW Jan For Mexico–>Panama
Change SGYC membership KW Jan Change to out of country travel


Complete all classes JW/KW Jan Weather, radar, nav, captains
Get physicals, dentist, eye doctors JW/KW Jan Complete all appts, get scripts
Build out ditch kit JW/KW Dec
Cook food for freezer, passages JW/KW Feb
Final fill up diesel, pump out JW/KW Feb Organize black water cleanout
Apply for Turkish visas JW/KW Feb For July-September++


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